A good bone broth contains collagen. You can tell by the fact that the broth gels nicely when it cools down. And collagen is immensely important for our body because it keeps our musculoskeletal system elastic. Bone broth is a real fluid dispenser. The skin is therefore less dry, the connective tissue remains firmer and the occurrence of annoying cellulite is also slowed down. The scalp and cuticle also benefit from the nutrients contained in the broth. Broth fans speak of a real anti-aging effect for skin, hair and nails. Collagen can contribute to our general well-being and have a positive effect on the aging process. Bone broth is therefore an effective household remedy that can delay skin aging. Why is that? Find out more about it here:


  1. Anti-wrinkle broth – Skin
  2. Broth for beautiful hair
  3. Broth for strong nails


1. anti-wrinkle broth – skin

A bone broth can be described as a true beauty food. And anti-wrinkle broth? This can work! How’s that? The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is our protective shield against external influences. You have to imagine it this way: The matrix of our connective tissue consists of proteoglycans. These bind water and form a net with collagen. This makes the connective tissue elastic. For a firm skin with only a few wrinkles we should therefore sufficiently absorb water and collagen. The good news: Both are abundantly contained in a healthy broth.


Collagen – the anti-aging booster

And what exactly does collagen do to our skin? Collagen helps to give the skin its youthful appearance, a fresh complexion and elasticity. Because the protein strengthens the skin. As we get older, around the age of 25, collagen production in the body decreases. The first signs: The skin is less elastic, drier, thinner and the first wrinkles appear. Collagen now helps to reduce the visible signs of skin aging, reduce swelling and combat other signs of skin aging. That’s how you know collagen from anti-aging care. However, the collagen molecules in the anti-wrinkle creams are quite large, so that the skin cannot absorb them so well. In contrast, edible collagen in the form of a healthy broth has a great advantage: the amino acids that produce collagen enter directly into the cells of your body.

To fight wrinkles, most people pull out numerous stops: from cosmetics to skin creams to the nerve toxin Botox – we try a lot to keep a smooth, young skin.

Collagen is often used as a cream or injection into the skin. What you should not forget, however, is that beautiful skin is never just what comes from outside. Broth nourishes the epidermis, dermis and the underlying connective tissue from the inside with collagen, elastin and other valuable nutrients. This is because collagen can be absorbed much better via the intestine than via the skin. So using the home remedy broth against wrinkles can work.


Glycosaminoglycans for a fresh complexion

In addition, a healthy broth contains glycosaminoglycans. One building block of glycosaminoglycans is N-acetylglucosamine. In addition, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate are different types of glycosaminoglycans. These three substances are found in connective tissue, cartilage and bones. They act like a moisture film on the skin because they bind water. Hyaluronic acid occurs in the entire connective tissue, the skin (epithelium) and the nervous tissue. It also helps the cells to renew themselves. Hyaluronic acid is certainly known to you – like collagen – from anti-aging cosmetics. Because it promotes cell rejuvenation and skin firmness. The glycosaminoglycans give our skin more shine and moisture and consequently a younger appearance.

However, broth not only helps to reduce small wrinkles, but also calms skin damaged by acne and eczema or damaged skin in autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis or neurodermatitis due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can read more about how broth can help with autoimmune diseases in the article “What effects does broth have? – immune system and autoimmune diseases.


Broth against cellulite

How many women in the world have cellulite, there are no numbers on that. But one thing is clear: there are many of them. Estimates are 85 – 98 %. Cellulite is caused by fat deposits in combination with weak connective tissue – but it is by no means a pure problem for overweight women. On the contrary, even very slim women often have cellulite. Just think of unflattering, unretouched paparazzi photos of Hollywood stars. On the other hand, only about 10% of men have orange peel skin. And there is a reason for this: the connective tissue of men has a cross-like structure, while that of women runs straight and perpendicular to the skin surface. The male connective tissue, which is woven into a net, usually does not allow fat accumulations from the subcutis to penetrate. Thus it does not become visible in the form of unattractive dents. In addition, women have three subcutaneous fat layers, whereas men have only one.

It is well known that targeted sport can help to reduce cellulite. But sport alone is not enough. In order to tackle the problem holistically, the nutrition must also be right and supply the body with food that nourishes our body’s own collagen. Many people experience a decrease in cellulite when they eat a diet rich in collagen. Cellulite develops when the connective tissue becomes weaker. Collagen supports the skin’s elasticity and provides moisture, which gives the skin a real kick of freshness.


2. broth for beautiful hair

Dyeing, blow-drying, styling – we expect a lot from our hair in everyday life. In the worst case, it becomes dull, brittle and loses its fullness. There are numerous cosmetic products on the market that promise to be remedied with large marketing campaigns. But again, the most sustainable remedy for beautiful hair comes from within: Collagen. The body supplies the building blocks of collagen to the hair, which strengthens it and gives it a healthy shine. Collagen also anchors the hair follicles in the dermis. It is also important for the cell division that forms the future hair. That’s how it works: The hair roots in the scalp produce hair cells. These push themselves further and further upwards and then become so-called spindles. These then form long fibres, which twist with each other and at the end a hair develops from it. Therefore, collagen is directly linked to hair growth.

In itself, the body can produce collagen itself. However, if the body is stressed because it has to heal wounds or remove toxins, it can reduce collagen production. Even as we get older, collagen production continues to decrease. In such cases, it is important to ingest sufficient collagen through food. Bone broth, rich in collagen, promotes hair growth. It can also increase the diameter of your hair to make it look fuller. So your hair can stay healthy and shiny. Also contained in bone broth is the trace element silicon, which is also important for the build-up of skin and hair.


3. broth for strong nails

As we get older, our nails can also become weak and cloudy. They are also growing much more slowly. Sometimes they can splinter. This is painful and in the worst case can cause infections under the nails. The nails form a kind of protective shield for the fingertips. Sometimes, however, they can be more permeable than the skin. Modern beauty treatments can also stress nails: Shellac, gel and acrylic in excess damage the nail.

To stay robust and healthy, fingernails need protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A. In addition, collagen from a good bone broth, for example, also strengthens the nails here, just as it does with skin and hair. Thus the fingernails do not break or splinter under normal stress.

Skin treatments, hair products and cosmetics are often expensive and do not contain good ingredients. The simple home remedy bone broth can make a great contribution to a well-groomed appearance. Drinking broth against wrinkles can achieve a really good result. In a nutritious bone broth collagen is contained as seen in abundance. In addition, a healthy broth contains many other important vitamins and minerals that replenish the body’s reserves and are responsible for beautiful skin and hair as well as strong nails. If we also ensure a healthy diet and enough exercise, bone broth can make a valuable contribution to our external beauty.

What other nutrients a well made, healthy broth contains, you can read in the article Ingredients: What’s in the broth?





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